Finding Poetry in Landscapes, People, Fabrics & Colors

Born in France, I moved to California in 1993.

Traveling has taken me on extensive stays to West Africa, mainly Ivory Coast, and Senegal. While interested in many different painting styles and subjects, my time in Africa has had the most influence on my life and art. The poetry I find in its landscapes, people, art, fabrics, colors, and rhythms will always be a strong source of inspiration.

Painting enhances awareness in my life. Fascinated by the Fibonacci sequence, my art world revolves around colors, shapes, and volumes observed in nature, contrasted, moving with the elements, and defined by the organic mineral origins of life. Vibrant hues, rich textures, subtle shades, dark or bright contrasts, strong but simple shapes, and small but captivating details are what I try to express on canvas. I like mixing styles and adding mineral decorative effects to traditional landscapes or images so it evades reality toward a more contemporary style. 

In today's world where artists engage in political messages that are important to carry through, I chose to tell stories that reflect gratitude toward the complexity and beauty of our human Earth. My work is fragmented, illustrating the environment we are living in today, there are boundaries, even a notion of bondage in the defined shapes, but the energy of curved lines comes to soften the fragmented effect, and the use of gold leaf and gold paint transpire light and brightness. 

 The colorful intention expressed in each of my art pieces is an attempt to share a sense of belonging, a positive togetherness, and a belief in humanity, adding passion to a sense of peace that could honor harmony.

But whatever my message is, I mainly hope that through your eyes, it becomes your emotion, your interpretation, and your love as well.